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About Us


A.M. Property which has close to 40 years’ experience in the real estate investment construction industry is a company wholly owned by the Wasserman Family. Recently, welcomed Nathan Wasserman as a third generation to the Board of A.M. Property. It operates approximately 2.5 million square feet of office space in Manhattan and Long Island. The primary focus of the Wasserman’s is to locate under-performing assets in areas with strong fundamentals, and then realize the upside potential through service (instead of reactive) management techniques.


The Wasserman’s own and operate three distinct real estate entities: A.M. Property Holding Corporation and Dain Construction Corp as well as fully integrated, in house legal counsel with Sally Wasserman as head of the legal team.

As previously mentioned, A.M. Property Holding Corporation is the property management company that operates all of the Wasserman’s assets from leasing to building operations – including in house executive suites. Such executive suites have state of the art facilities that include conference space and all major office amenities to provide new companies (and overflow from existing companies) the ability to continue to grow without having to worry about other real estate functions.

Dain Construction over the last several years has overseen the renovation of over 1,250,000 square feet of office space. Dain has done everything from historical rehab to new construction without a single mishap.

Future plans for the Wasserman’s include expanding their office portfolio through fundamental acquisitions which would allow repositioning of any given property to enhance its value. In addition, the Wasserman’s continue to look for strong development opportunities that will allow them to diversify and expand their asset base.


Through strong leasing skills, intelligent negotiating and calculated risk taking, the Wasserman’s assets, which have been wholly managed and operated by A.M. Property Holding Corp., have performed remarkably well. The Wasserman’s operate executive office suite programs in many of their buildings that act as incubators for new firms or as locations for satellite or spin off businesses. Many of the larger tenants currently in the

Wasserman’s portfolio began in these suites, but have since increased their square footage as their companies grew.

In summary, the members of the Wasserman Family collectively have over 70 years’ experience in the real estate business. The strong track record of their various operating companies will lead them to continued growth in their current portfolio as well as their future real estate endeavors.


200 Elm/695 East Main St - 600,000 square feet.

352 Seventh Avenue – 145,000 square feet. 
75 Maiden Lane – 188,000 square feet.  
80/90 Maiden Lane – 600,000 square feet
50 West State Street - 300,000 square feet